Excellent Spray-On Bedliners for Your Trucks

Bed Liner


We are a locally owned family business since 1994 that specializes in Spray-On Bedliners and Krown Rust Protection. All our Bedliners come with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the truck, and we are also a OEM dealer for the Spay-On Bedliners, which means if your truck needs the factory Bedliner repaired or replaced, we spray the same product.

Not only does an Armor linings Spray on bed liner look great on your truck, it provides a protective barrier that prevents rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion from what you haul, so your truck will have an extended service life and increased re-sale value.

Drop-ins rattle around, promote payload slippage, and allow moisture and grit to get underneath which causes rust and abrasion.

Our truck bed liner sets in seconds, can be walked on in minutes, and is ready for use in just hours! Go off-road or haul that heavy load today!

Armor Linings Unique spray on bed liners offer superior impact resistance. Our spray on bed liners are hard yet flexible, adhesion is permanent and will not crack warp or peel guaranteed! Extreme temperatures are no problem , our bed liners remain flexible from -40 to 200F.

Even Textured, Uniform Coverage: Our heated application system produces the best looking coating, with no blotches, drips, runs or uneven areas.

Prevents Rust and Corrosion: This moisture-proof barrier prevents water, scratches and chemical corrosion from many substances such as gasoline, oil and fertilizers.

Reduces Noise & Slippage: Unique, even-textured surface helps your load stay in one place, and offers sound dampening features as well.

No Loss of Space: The application follows the contours of your bed and has minimal effects on cargo capacity, leaving access to tie downs, fifth-wheels, tool boxes, and other accessories.


~ The surface has an even texture.~

~ The trim liners are laser straight. ~

Bed Liner Application

Lifetime Warranty: Your Armor Linings Spray-in bed liner is guaranteed as long as you own the truck!



Armor Linings Inc. offers a limited lifetime non-transferable warranty. Armor Linings assures that it's product is free of defective workmanship and material and warrants it against loss of adhesion for the life of the vehicle. Life of the vehicle is defined as the owner-ship of the vehicle as stated in the registration of the warranty and will not be transferred with the sale or gifting of the vehicle. All vehicles receiving an Armor Linings spray on bed liner will receive an Armor Linings window decal which can not be removed or will void the limited lifetime warranty of your Armor Linings spray on bed liner. 


We are so confident in our product and professional application it is unlikely we will ever have to see you for a repair job on your premium spray on bed liner. But we also know not every vehicle is exactly the same. As such to make a warranty redemption bring back the certificate of the Limited Lifetime Warranty with a copy of the paid invoice and your vehicle with the window decal in place to validate your warranty claim. We will gladly remedy the problem and ensure that you are happy with the work before you leave. 

NOTE: A slight change of color or fading is considered an inherent property of any dyed product and therefore does not constitute a defect within the definition of the guarantee. Any repair and or replacement covered by this warranty must be approved and scheduled at the sole discretion of Armor Linings Inc.